Summer Wells Case Update 2022 - Was She Found Dead? Details To Know


Summer Wells has gone missing since July 2021 ( Source : Twitter )

Tuesday at midnight, Summer Wells's father, Don Wells, made public a letter he had written to the young girl and those he believed to be her prospective captors.

On the website for Summer Wells, the letter was published. In the letter, Don Wells expressed his continued conviction that his daughter was abducted.

Additionally, he demanded that the "kidnappers" hand the girl over to the police, although the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has consistently stated that there is no proof to back up the family's kidnapping claim.

The letter also claims that Don Wells was sacked from his 13-year job and that Candus Bly, Summer's mother, cannot find work, ruining the family's existence. Anyone with reliable information is requested to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

What Happened To Summer Wells?

Summer Wells vanished in July of 2021. Don Wells issued a statement from the jail last month to honor the first anniversary of his daughter's case. It was addressed directly to his daughter.

Summer was assisting her mother and grandmother in planting flowers on the afternoon that went missing. She allegedly entered the home where her brothers were playing after that. People looked for the missing girl on land, in the air, and the water for several weeks.

The driver of a red or maroon Toyota pickup truck with ladders in the back, which may have been in the region the night of Summer's abduction, was sought after by the authorities on June 26. No one has ever identified the driver.

Additionally, investigators requested anybody with outbuildings or trail cameras to search the area for any indications Summer may have been around. They have not discovered any proof of a kidnapping.

Was Summer Wells Found Dead? Her Case Update 2022


Ronnie Lawson, the sheriff of Hawkins County, and Leslie Earhart, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman, conducted a press conference on the day that marked one year since Summer Wells vanished. They thought back to the beginning of the case.

Earhart claimed that the TBI sent out an Amber Alert the day after Summer vanished. Within 24 hours of that alarm, she said, investigators had hoped to have encouraging news.

She claimed that there were very few leads in this case, and every avenue is still being considered.

The case has so far consumed thousands of man hours. More than 100 TBI agents, analysts, and professionals have searched social media accounts, digital evidence, and physical evidence gathered through search warrants.

They have also conducted countless targeted ground searches in addition to three significant large-scale ground searches. Numerous follow-up calls and emails have been made in addition to more than 170 official interviews.

Authorities have sorted through tens of thousands of tips but claim that the search has been hampered by false leads brought on by online speculation and those looking to cash in on Summer's abduction.

Some people, according to her, have even been requesting donations for her and her family, but they have never been delivered.

Meet Summer Wells Parents 

Summer Wells was born to Don Welland Candus Bly. 

Don Well is incarcerated for breaking the terms of his probation on charges unrelated to his daughter's disappearance.

Her father was detained for having a pistol while intoxicated two months before Summer Wells went missing. He received just over a year sentence for the arrest on April 21, 2021.

Only 55 days after that, Summer would vanish. On October 30, 137 days later, her father, Don, would experience difficulties once more, this time for DUI.

Because he was on probation at the time, the judge was compelled to send him to jail for breaking the terms of his probation even though the judge acknowledged that this was his first DUI offense.

When Don will be released is unknown. According to the family, his punishment will be reevaluated every 30 days and should be completed in 90 days.

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