Suede Brooks Is Apparently Dating Richie Akiva Amid Rumors With Drake


Richie Akiva, the nightlife guru. ( Source : Hollywoodreporter )

Suede Brooks is a model and Youtuber who has recently been linked to Richie Akiva after being seen on a yacht with Drake.

Suede has recently been the center of media's attention after she was seen on a yacht with the famous singer and rapper Drake on Tuesday while vacationing in St. Tropez, France.

As per the sources, Drake then went to a club called Club 55, located in one of the coastal town's most renowned & historic beach clubs.

Are Richie Akiva And Suede Brooks Dating?

Richie is a dear friend of Drake and the CEO of the Butter Group, which owns a Butter Restaurant called 10ak, up and down. Recently the famous model and Youtuber, Suede, was seen on a yacht with Drake.

However, the rumors believe she was on the yacht for Drake's dear friend Richie. The stories have been circulating on the internet claiming that Richie and Suede are romantically involved right now.

Suede was also present at one of the after-parties that Richie threw recently. After that, she was seen on a yacht with the renowned star, where Richie was also present.

However, both Suede and Richie have kept silent on the whole situation. They have also not posted any pictures with one another and have not addressed the rumors. 

So it is hard to say whether the rumors are true or not. Until Richie and Suede speak on the situation, the stories should be taken with a grain of salt. 

How Old Is Richie Akiva?

Richie is currently 46 years old. He was born on September 19, 1976. He began establishing himself in the New York City scene as a nightlife promoter at 19.

Scott Sartiano co-founded the club SPA at the beginning. The Butter Group was founded in 2002 with cash, and Butter was its first club to operate.

The club saw great success and began drawing famous people around to make appearances. Akiva launched 1OAK in New York in 2006 with a group of investors; it is currently present in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Southampton, New York.

He later launched Up & Down in NYC. Stars like Justin Bieber, Nas, Jay Z, Rihanna, and many more have visited his clubs. And not to mention, he is also a dear friend of Drake.

What Is Richie Akiva Net Worth In 2022?

Akiva is an owner of a renowned NYC nightclub. Most of his guests are A-listers and well-known celebrities, so it is no doubt that Akiva has been making a reasonable sum of money throughout his career and his net worth is high.

The nightlife entrepreneur had Attention Deficit Disorder when he was young. Still, instead of taking medication, he accepted it and used it as motivation to engage in various creative activities while deeply ingrained in the city's youth culture.

Akiva claims he has lost his tremendous ego in his childhood, but that when it comes to business, he turns it into a reality. He has his sights set on building a hotel next.

He is a very successful businessman who has started his business ventures in different parts of the world. He still has a lot of things planned for the future, and we will see more of him. 

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