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Lawrence Rudolph Is a wealthiest dentist ( Source : Spikytv )

Lori Milliron is a 64-year-old girlfriend of Lawrence Rudolph. He is accused of murdering his wife, Bianca Rudolph. 

Lawrence Rudolph said he was in the bathroom when his wife accidentally shot herself. He said it was an unfamiliar shotgun, and Bianca Rudolph was in a hurry to pack. As a result, she may have accidentally shot herself. 

But, officials claimed that Rudolph hurried to have his wife's body cremated in Africa just days after she passed away. He allegedly filed life insurance claims with seven different insurance providers for a $4.8 million reimbursement for the passing of his wife, as per the NY Post. 

Thus, he had been charged with mail fraud and murder in another country.

Who Is Lori Milliron? Netizens Search For Her Photo

Lori Milliron is the alleged girlfriend of Lawrence Rudolph. The 64-year-old blonde is on trial for lying about the details of her relationship with Rudolph before the grand jury.

She is facing charges like obstruction of justice, perjury, and accessory. When she first began working at his Pittsburgh dental office, Three Rivers Dental, in 2003, she first got to know Rudolph.

According to testimony given in court, Rudolph gave her cash payments while Bianca was still alive and a credit card after her death. In her opening statement, her counsel said that between 2004 and 2009, the two of them started taking at least 65 days a year of annual vacation together.

Lawrence Rudolph Defense attorneys and his children head into federal courthouse for the trial ( Source : Oxygen )

Rudolph is accused of murdering his wife, Bianca, getting the life insurance money, and starting his new life with Milliron. Bianca was shot in her chest with a shotgun in October 2016.

She and her spouse had gone on an African safari trip. She is said to be an active big-game hunter, and she had hoped to kill a leopard during the trip. However, she ended up being the one to be allegedly hunted. 

Where Is Lori Milliron Today?

Lori Milliron is being tried alongside Lawrence Rudolph. During the trial, the prosecution said that during an argument with her in 2020, Rudolph was heard yelling, "I killed my wife for you," at a Phoenix steakhouse. 

He shared that he and Milliron were arguing about money. He said they were talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic might damage the Pennsylvania dentistry franchise that had brought him a huge sum. He also added that he was misquoted and said, "Now they're saying I killed my wife for you." 

Likewise, during his testimony, he told about his open marriage to Bianca. He claimed that in 2000, after twice coming close to divorcing, he and his wife, who were also parents, agreed to continue their marriage while having a sexual relationship with other people.

After that, he claimed, their marriage's stress decreased, and they were fine with each other. He added that neither Milliron nor his wife had asked him to end relationships with another, reports Denver Gazette. 

Was Bianca Rudolph Lawrence Rudolph Wife Or Girlfriend? -Was She Murdered? 

Although Lawrence Rudolph is being accused of Bianca Rudoph's murder, he insists that he did not kill her. Even the money he got from the insurance is said to have gone to a trust for their children. 

Likewise, his lawyer argues that he had no financial reasons to kill his spouse of 34 years. He already had a net worth of more than $15 million when his wife died. 

Moreover, the Zambian law enforcement also concluded that it was an accident after two days. The same conclusion was from the insurance company. 

However, prosecutors argue that evidence showed that her wounds were caused by the shot fired from 2 to 3.5 feet away. Although there is not much evidence in the case, it still boggled many minds wh thought how an experienced hunter accidentally shot herself and died. 

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