NJ Congresswoman Amy Degise Hit and Run Case With Cyclist Andrew Black Hits The News


New Jersey Councilwoman Amy DeGise ( Source : Newjerseyglobe )

New Jersey Councilwoman Amy DeGise is under fire from the citizens and the media after a video of the politician hitting a cyclist with her SUV and driving off without care on July 19.

The citizens are demanding that the councilwoman resigns from her position after the video came out, but the officials have taken no action so far.

Let us learn more about the hit-and-run case and the victim, along with more information on the politician, her net worth, and updates on her resignation.

Who Is Amy DeGise? 

According to Ballotpedia, Amy DeGise is a councilwoman for the city of New Jersey who assumed office on January 1, 2022. Before entering politics, DeGise was a history teacher with a bachelor's degree in history education from Montclair State University.

Amy DeGise was born and raised in New Jersey and claimed to be a feminist and a democratic politician.

Amy DeGise running for Councilwoman for New Jersey ( Source : Pbs )

The 36-year-old politician has a master's degree in Educational Technology from Montclair State University and has served as the recording secretary and vice president of the Hudson County Area Vocational Technical Association Executive Board.

Her term as the councilwoman for New Jersey state ends in 2025, but in light of the recent hit-and-run case, people are demanding she resigns from her position at this instant.

Net Worth Of The Councilwoman

As a politician and a councilwoman, Amy DeGise's estimated net worth is $250,000. Her earnings are from her work as a councilwoman for New Jersey state, which started in January 2021.

Before her work as a politician, she worked as an Apprenticeship Coordinator at the Hudson County School of Tech, and she also claims to be a history teacher in the state.

Cyclist Andrew Black Hit and Run Case Update

On July 27, a video started circulating on Twitter which also got live news coverage of councilwoman Amy DeGise driving away from a hit-and-run case after hitting cyclist Andrew Black.

In the footage from the accident, you can see a black SUV, which belongs to the politician hitting a cyclist for Uber Eats, Andrew Black, and as the cyclist is thrown into the air and back on the street injured, DeGise does not even turn her head and drives away.

The New Jersey councilwoman has become the target of scrutiny and anger from the netizens after the video went viral.

While the politician stayed silent on the accident details, not claiming any responsibility, a report on Hudson Reporter by Mary Jean Perkins reads that the cyclist lied to the media and the cops and ran through a red light.

Despite the cyclist running through a red light being the case, it is simply inhumane of Amy DeGise to not even stop and turn around to check if the person who crashed into her is okay or not.

Amy DeGise Resignation

In the wake of the politician's hit-and-run accident and the footage of the incident going viral on Twitter, people are asking for Amy DeGise to resign from her position as the Councilwoman of New Jersey.

People are demanding answers from the politician for clarity as to why she did not stop and check up on the injured biker.

Some people are upset and angered by the fact that there are no charges on Amy, and the councilwoman's old tweet about the hit and runs is not helping either.

Councilwoman Amy DeGise's former tweet ( Source : Twitter )

In a recent tweet, she wrote," hit and runs may kill a lot of people, but it also helps a lot of people get to work on time. So, it's impossible to say it's bad or not."

A petition calling for the councilwoman's resignation on change.org has over 5000 signatures after the people held a rally on Saturday for the purpose.

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