Motown Noah Racist Controversy and Past Tweets Lead to White Supremacist Allegations


Motown Noah ( Source : Youtube )

Motown Noah is back addressing all his racist tweets and ignorant views. Even though those were done ten years ago, they resurfaced on the web a few months ago, resulting in canceling of the YouTuber. 

This developing story has many parts so here is everything e know about it.

Motown Noah Racist Controversy - Reddit Has It Explained

Motown Noah was out of social media for quite some time now. People enjoyed his content very much, and the YouTuber did make a good living out of it as well. With over 88k subscribers currently, his last upload dates four months back. It was a podcast with an NBsa player Jason Taytum. However, that one is considered one of the least liked podcasts conducted by him. 

Suddenly, he was nowhere to be found after that particular video. It was strange for people who never cared about his backstory. The creator who had a kind of pattern of uploads was out of the picture now. It was later found out that the man got a job and shifted his career choices. 

Everything was fine, but there were genuine followers of his who missed his videos dearly. During these four months of his disappearance, people often discussed his whereabouts on Reddit and other social media platforms. 

The main reason for Motown Noah's quit from the Internet world is his racist controversy. A series of past tweets made around on the Internet quickly brought the cancel culture for the man. Then, he had just disappeared, but he has now addressed each of those. Hence, the limelight is back to the podcaster again. 

Motown Noah's Past Tweets And White Supremacist Allegations

Motown Noah's past tweets clearly show he was a white supremacist back then. It is common for general people to back to any celebrities' past social media activities and bring out their blunders. This is not the first time. Many other people have been a victim of these social media stalkings. 

This time, Twitter seems a bit lenient. Many people are discussing how unfair it was for him as those were years back, and human beings unlearn things with time. However, Noah's disappearance without addressing any of it was something unexpected. 

However, he has returned and spoken about it and apologized for those tweets. He made a video atoning his mistakes and the unfair treatment he got as per his thoughts. 

Noah said, "I’m not really in a position where I can defend myself, and most people have pointed that out. This is my responsibility, and I have to wear it.

Exactly what has happened,/is presently going on; it’s gonna be a minute.

I’m not allowed to upload right now, so it’s going to be a little bit before I’m able to get back and really dive into everything, but just know it doesn’t feel great to deal with certain aspects of what’s gone on. Some of it I can accept as deserved, but the parts that I can’t talk about right now have been irrevocably unfair and have fundamentally changed the way I’m thinking about my career."

Twitter Reacts On Motown Noah's Apology

Most of the Twitterattis are not in favor of Noah getting completely canceled. Nevertheless, the backlash also does not seem to stop anytime soon. As the YouTuber said, he could not comment much on many areas of the occurrence; it is a developing story for now. 

One of the Redditers says, " No one should get canceled for shit they said/posted online ten years ago. Societal norms were different, and the internet was a wildly different place. The way this shit goes nowadays is honestly fucking insane. It isn't about 'holding people accountable'; it's about punishing people, so you look like the coolest, most progressive person on the internet."

A Twitter user says, "White supremacist Motown Noah can rant about Mexicans, blacks, and anything non-white."

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