Leah Williamson Net Worth & Salary 2022 - How Rich Is England Women's Team Captain?


Leah Williamson endorses Nike, Pepsi and Gucci ( Source : Eurosport )

While we talk about the criminally unfair pay gap between men's footballers and women's footballers, Leah Williamson, as the captain of the England football team, sparks interest in her wealth. 

Leah Cathrine Williamson is a professional footballer who currently captains the England squad while playing for Arsenal in the FA WSL. She is a versatile player who initially played as a central defender before switching positions following a managerial change.

Leah Williamson's Net Worth In 2022

Ever since Leah Williamson was born, she was meant to give her entire life to one sport, and that is football. She took her baby steps toward earning and creating a lifestyle when she was only six years old. 

Joining the Arsenal Centre of Excellence at the age of nine, Williamson made her senior debut in the year 2014 as a substitute for Rachel Yankey in UEFA Women's Champions League. She was paid around $24,000 even though her team lost. After that, she was a part of 12 FA Women's Super League in the same year, with her payment being similar. 

2015 marks her first professional contract with Arsenal. This gave a kind of security and the privilege of having a full-time annual salary for her. Further, she bagged England Women's Youth Player of the Year. The next year, it was she who made the team get to the finals of the FA Cup of 2016. 

With each passing year, Leah was climbing the ladder, one step at a time, achieving greater heights. This also increased the amount she was paid for championships to more than $34,000. 

In 2018, she, along with her team members, trashed down Chelsea 5-0. She called it her career-defining moment at that time. The result meant everything to her considering the team was not soaring that good in recent times, then.

Further, she earned her 150th appearance across all competitions for Arsenal on November 18, 2020, against Tottenham Hotspur in the Continental Cup. Arsenal would draw 2-2 before winning 5-4 on penalties. Another year, she signed a new one-year contract with the team on June 16, 2021, which would keep her there through the end of the 2021–22 campaign. Today, she has exactly been put on the map and gets way more than what she used to get before.

In the ongoing career span of over eight years as a senior, Leah Williamson has managed to accumulate a net worth of around $10 million dollars.

YearNet Worth
2017$1.5 milllion
2021-2022$10 million

Leah Williamson's Salary In 2022 - How Is The Pay Gap Between The Contempraries?

As mentioned above, Leah started off with very little earnings from her club. There have been rumors of WSL athletes working additional jobs in the past to bolster their income. Despite the fact that the league claims to be professional, players at smaller clubs are unlikely to make very much money. Luckily, as a part of a renowned club since the inception of her athletic career, she never had to look back. 

Sam Kerr is reported to be the highest-paid women's football player in FA WSL with around $243,000. Similarly, her other compeer, Alexandra Popp, gets around $61,000 for her winning tournament. Her annual income is definitely around $200,000. 

As Williamson and Popp are facing off today at the UEFA Wome's Euro, both proudly representing their countries, the latter has a slightly higher range of salary than the former. Popp started her International career almost seven years prior to Leah. Further, she was appointed the captain of the German National Team in 2019, whereas Arsenal appointed Willaimson as their captain in 2022. 

Today's match is quite interesting as one has already shown her magic in the past three years, and the other has begun to prove her worth.

Leah and her team will be taking $56,000 if they win against Germany today. This also shed light upon the amount Arsenal boys would take for their win, which is equal to $470,000. 


Leah Williamson Brand Endorsements And Social Media Presence

Brand Endorsements and the huge money it backs comes hand in hand with celebrity status. When one has a face value attached to their profession, brands pay them a lump sum.  Willaimson is no exception. 


Leah recently grabbed eyeballs and made headlines with her association with the Italian fashion house named Gucci. Flaunting the brand, the gossip around the tinsel town was all about her probable fortune after this. However, the good news is that several other fashion brands have eyed her and are ready to pay even more.

On average, Gucci pays its endorsers $20 on an hourly basis. Her major dealings with it give her at least give her 1.5 million dollars. Jack Grealish signed a $1.7 million sponsorship agreement with the major fashion giant.

She is also actively endorsing Nike and Pepsi, which made her worth over $4 million. Reports say that both the companies are quite happy with the return they are getting.

BrandsSigning Amount (Approx)
Nike$2 million
Pepsi$2 million
Gucci$1.5 million

Adding to her brand value is her social media boom. Leah currently has over 400,000 Instagram followers that are active. Her pictures usually have over 50k likes, and the engagement is satisfactory. On Twitter, her follower count is 110k with 11k tweets. This is the main reason why she is listed among the football players (female)who have a good social media presence. 

Culb71Uk, with less than 2k followers, tagged her in one of their posts. It was all about her acquirement as a footballer, and the video nearly gained 100k views. This alone is enough to show her trademark. 

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