Josh Hawley Running Video Meme Is Flooding On Twitter and Social Media


Josh Hawley, Senator of Missouri and a constitutional lawyer ( Source : Forbes )

A recent video released from January 6 riot from the Capitol shows republican Josh Hawley running away from the protestors in a cartoonish way.

Soon, the video became a viral meme on multiple social media sites known as the Josh Hawley Running Video meme, and people could not get over it with new edits of the video on different soundtracks and slow edits.

So, let us learn more about how Josh Hawley's video came to everyone's attention and what the Republicans have been up to in the last year after the riots.

Josh Hawley Running Video Meme Is Flooding On Twitter and Social Media

On the January 6 hearing regarding the Capitol Riot, a video showed republican Josh Hawley running away from the riot and the protestors in a funny way.

It's not a surprise that the video soon became a meme since everyone at the hearing was surprised and laughed out loud at the hilarious video of the politician and lawyer fleeing the scene.

Many online were left confused about the republican Senator running away from his supporters who came to support his cause of overturning the election on January 6. But it seems the lawyer was flustered and panicking when he sped through the stairs and ran away.

Like with everything, the video of the lawyer running became a meme within hours of its appearance, and people started making memes of the footage with soundtracks in the background.

A meme on Twitter about Josh Hawley running
A meme on Twitter about Josh Hawley running ( Source : Pbs )

Another popular meme was of a chicken running which resembled the politician fleeing across the hallway as caught on camera per a Twitter user.

What Is Josh Hawley Doing Now?

Josh Hawley is serving as a Senator of the Missouri state along with Roy Blunt, both of whom are from teh Republican party. Josh is a constitutional lawyer who graduated from Yale Law School in 2006.

He was one of the senators in the office when the January 6 riot took place, where the rioters tried to overturn the elections by taking over the Capitol.

Josh Hawley is a pro-trump politician, pegged on the rioters and supported them. Still, when the rioters took to their hands and came inside the office, destroying things and attacking people, he was caught on camera fleeing the scene.

The video was played in the January 6 hearing early on, making the Senator a joke for the whole room to laugh on. Despite the humiliation, the 42-year-old Senator has not yet made any remarks on the memes he has inspired.

Instead, he appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson making claims about how Biden Admin is allowing illegal immigrants to get on planes with their arrest warrants, demanding answers from the TSA shortly before becoming a meme on the Internet.

Josh Hawley's Involvement In The January 6 Hearing

The eighth January 6th hearing took place, and Josh Hawley's running video took the cake since the video is all everyone is talking about at the moment. However, there were many more advancements during the hearing.

While Senator Hawley decided to run away from the angry mob, the former President was busy watching TV instead of acting on the angry mob at the Capitol.

The details from Pence's office revealed that the situation was so severe that his security detail feared for their lives from the angry rioters outside. Also, with every detail from teh testimonies, Trump's tweet of pegging on the rioters only looked worse for the former President.

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