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Jasmine Hartin charged with Manslaughter in the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott ( Source : Twitter )

Jasmine Hartin is a wealthy socialite who says she accidentally shot Henry Jemmott near the five-bedroom condo of her former husband, Andrew Ashcroft.

Hartin is the woman who killed police officer Jemmott. Nonetheless, Hartin defends the death of the officer as an accident. It is hard to believe the fact by Jemmott's sister, Cherry. People mentioned she should be charged with murder and not manslaughter. 

Furthermore, Hartlin said in the interview that Jemmott was her protector and teacher. He taught on how to reload the gun. In the process, she shot the officer and got her body on her top, which was warm. Nevertheless, people felt hard to believe the story of the socialite.

Who Is Jasmine Hartin?

Hartin is a Canadian socialite who shot officer Jemmott. However, Hartin says she accidentally shot senior police official Henry Jemmott, but Jemmott's sister, a police officer herself, finds it hard to believe.

In 2014, Hartin became friends with a high-ranking police officer Hanry Jemmott. He used to love the realtor's cooking and often came home for dinner. In that period, Hartin used to rely on the officer and felt safe about his arrival as protector.

On May 22, 2021, Hartin mentioned being in a party where a man physically became aggressive with her. In the meantime, she called Jemmott for help, and he didn't hesitate to help her.

According to the socialite, the officer drives an hour to pick her up. Less than a week after the incident, Jemmott asked a favor to set him up with accommodation of her husband's property at Grand Colony Resort.

Afterward, Hartin mentioned the night when Jemmott taught her to use a gun and pulled out his 9-millimeter Glock-17 and taught her to eject and reload. While she felt the gun was empty at the moment.

In the same period, she agreed to give Jemmott a shoulder massage. After that, she reached for the gun to take the magazine or clip out, and suddenly, it went off. After the shot, he fell on top of Hartin.

Jasmine Hartin Age And Bio Detail On Wikipedia

Hartin is currently 32 years old. She is from the small town of Ontario and moved to make her career in America. Afterward, she met her life partner Andrew and got married to him. 

On May 28, 2021, Hartin came to highlight after shooting the senior police official Henry Jemmott. He was spotted floating in the Caribbean Sea after his death. In the 48 hours, Hartin shared the incident. She had mentioned it was an accident. However, it is unbelievable to the people. 

Know A Canadian Socialite Jasmine Hartin's Husband and Children's Identity

Andrew Ashcroft is the ex-husband of the Socialite Hartin. On May 25, 2022, Ashcroft granted legal custody of his five-year-old twins in the hearing at the Family Court in Belize City. After bail, Hartin visited with the children at her residence in Cayo.

In 2014, Hartin visited from her small hometown in Ontario to a small Caribbean paradise Belize in Central America. The socialite was pursuing a career as a realtor at the period. Later she met the son of an extremely wealthy businessman, Andrew Ashcroft.

The socialite was impressed by his personality and felt he was very clever, funny, and witty. In 2016, Hartin engaged with Ashcroft. 

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