Is Sarah Matthews A Republican? What We Know About Her Political Alignment Before Jan 6 Testimony


Sarah Matthews resigned hours after the Capitol Riot on Jan 6 ( Source : Thedailybeast )

Is Sarah Matthew a Republican? This article below discusses her political affiliation, religion, and more.

Sarah Matthew is an American assistant to former President Donald Trump and a former White House Deputy Press Secretary. From June 8, 2020, to January 7, 2021, Matthews worked as former President Donald Trump's deputy press secretary. After the Capitol attack in 2021, she left her position as one of the senior staffers.

In light of recent developments, Sarah will discuss what occurred on January 6 with Matthew Pottinger. Her words could have a significant impact on how the case turns out.

Is Sarah Matthews A Republican?

Sarah Matthew is a Republican. Moreover, her political allegiance to the Republican Party is relatively straightforward. Sarah Matthews became involved with the Republican Party while she was a student.

Moreover, she participated in the Kent State affiliate of the College Republican National Committee while attending Kent State University to pursue her education. She also participated in her college's Stark County Republican Conference.

Sarah began working for the House of Representatives before she received her degree in 2017. She was employed by the Republican Homeland Security Committee and the communications division of the Republican Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Sarah Mathhews was the former deputy press secretary in the Trump administration
Sarah Mathhews was the former deputy press secretary in the Trump administration ( Source : Slate )

The Republicans formally joined Donald Trump's 2020 campaign in 2019. Eventually, Kayleigh McEnany appointed her as one of the deputy press secretaries in the White House.

Matthews rose to fame as a Trump spokesman thanks to her humorous responses. In actuality, NBC News, The New York Times, and Fox News covered her remarks.

However, even someone like Sarah found it difficult to handle the Capitol Riot scandal. Sarah resigned and said, "I'll leave my position immediately." The peaceful transfer of power is necessary for our country."

Sarah Matthews Religion And Ethnicity 

Saran Matthews's religion has always been a subject of concern. On January 6, 2021, Sarah Matthews was expected to give testimony before the committee looked into the Capitol Riot. Instead, she will provide her perspective at the hearing scheduled for this coming Thursday.

People are understandably curious about her personal life and particularly her faith since she is one of the key witnesses in the case. As a result, the possibility that Sarah Matthews practices Judaism has been raised. The rumors haven't been confirmed yet, though. In fact, Sarah has never expressed her religious views. So it isn't very clear if her religion is Judaism or Christianity.

Sarah Matthews graduated from Kent State University in 2017
Sarah Matthews graduated from Kent State University in 2017 ( Source : Thehill )

On contrary, Trump is a Christian. The former president acknowledged in 2020 that he had turned away from Presbyterianism and was now a nondenominational Christian. According to this, he is no longer associated with the official denominations and mainline churches.

We cannot, however, presume that Trump's staff members share his religious beliefs. So it will be best to wait until Sarah confirms the rumors before responding.

Who Are Sarah Matthews's Parents?

Sarah Matthews, born on April 20, 1995, is now 27 years old. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio's North Canton.

Sarah's parents, Jeffrey A. Matthews and Heidi R. Matthews gave her a political swagger. Heidi and Jeffery are both Republican-elected politicians. She also has a sister by the name of Emily C. Hyde.

The Cleveland Indians baseball team, Cleveland Browns football team, and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team are all supported by Matthews because he is a native of the city.

However, she currently resides in Washington, DC, where she works. After leaving Trump's staff, the Republican has returned to the House of Representatives as the committee on climate change's communications director.

Sarah is now prepared to give testimony during the hearing on January 6. However, this is not the first time she has testified. She had already testified before the committee in February.

Sarah had already criticized Trump during the previous hearing. She said that on January 6, some of Trump's acts were like "pouring fuel on the fire."
The former Trump supporter wrote in a tweet: "Make no mistake, the actions on the 6th were a coup attempt, a phrase we'd use had they happened in any other country." What revelation she will make this time will only become apparent with time.

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