Is Sam Barrett Leaving Home and Away? Actress Chloe Anderson's Fate In Question


Home and Away cast Sam Barrett is to leave the show after the most recent episode ( Source : Rsvplive )

Sam Barrett is an actress is leaving Home and Away after she has not been filming in Palm Beach, and the cast member farewelled the actress on Thursday night.

Barrett is an actress who came to the film industry in 2018. She made her first debut in the short movie Paynes Find where she appeared as Girl. Later in 2019, she worked in the television series, The Heights. 

After one year, Barrett arose in the television series Home and Away. She got acknowledged for her appearance in the series, and the audience praised her role. The actress is a newcomer in the entertainment world who has gained three credits. 

Is Sam Barrett Leaving Home and Away?

In the recent episode of Home and Away, Anderson made her final appearance in the television series as she said goodbye to Summer Bay with her mother Anna Mia; Anna Samson plays the role of Anna Mia.

Moreover, Barrett emerged in the series as Chole Anderson. She made an impression in Summer bay Back in the opening episode of 2021. She even met her childhood friend Kawakawa Fox-Reo who played Nikau Parata's character in the series. 

 Chloe Anderson from Home and Away
Chloe Anderson from Home and Away ( Source : 7Plus )

The rumor of the actress's departure started after she missed filming at Palm Beach in March. However, the Thursday episode of Home and Away will disclose the spoiler about Sam. It is the last day of the actress on the series. 

In the series, Chloe has only one father figure, Ari. At age 9, he left her after being imprisoned for armed robbery. According to Backtothebay, she thought his father was taken away by Mia. 

After arrival in the town, she met Ryder, who refused to serve Chloe the drinks without identity proof. 

Actress Chloe Anderson's Age On Wikipedia 

Chloe Anderson, the character Barrett plays, is currently 22 years old. She was born on March 13, 2000. Chole made her impression on the series in the 1783 episode. Matthew Montogmery and Mia Anderson have played the role of her parents in the series. 

Further, Anderson has one sibling Kauri Parata. He is a half-brother of the cast who got deceased. In the series, she worked as Bartender, La Cucaracha food truck owner, Waitress, and Caterer. 

What happened to Sam Barrett?

Sam Barrett believed to quit the show Home And Away. She emerged in the series in 2021 as Chloe Anderson. She has played in 151 episodes of the show. 

Sam Barrett’s life beside Home and Away
Sam Barrett’s life beside Home and Away ( Source : Rsvplive )

Furthermore, the series was created by Alan Bateman, who stated the storyline on the lives, loves, happiness, and heartbreaks of the people of Summer Bay.

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