Is Poppy Deyes Pregnant Iin 2022? Details We Know About Alfie Deyes Sister


Social Media Influencer Emily Poppy Deyes ( Source : Poppydeyes )

Social media star Poppy Deyes, the sister of Alfie Deyes, has sparked some rumors about her pregnancy after recent pictures showed her weight gain. 

Emma Poppy Deyes is the sister of social media influencer Alfie Deyes and is an established social media personality and influencer famed for her lifestyle, photography, and food vlog. The social media influencer has over a million followers on her Instagram.

Poppy Deyes is in a relation ship with a YouTube star Sean Elliott OÇonnor
Poppy Deyes is in a relation ship with a YouTube star Sean Elliott OÇonnor ( Source : Everipedia )

Poppy usually blogs about travel diaries, shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and lifestyle. Apart from blogging, the social media influencer also owns an online store by the name Poppy Deyes Prints where she shares her tremendous painting skills.

Is Poppy Deyes Pregnant With Her Partner?

Celebrities and influencers often become the subject of gossip for minor things and this time the famous social media influencer Poppy seems to be the talk of the town now. On her website Poppy discuss food and travel and provide reviews on foods.

Till now there are no announcements or indications of Popp's pregnancy on social media. However, looking at the recent photos on her profile, we cannot deny the fact that she seems to gain weight a bit which might just be the weight gain, but fans are speculating that she is pregnant.

As of now, Poppy has not responded to any of the rumors of her being pregnant spreading on the web. She is neither married nor engaged as of 2022, however, there are certain claims that she is dating popular YouTube star Sean Elliott OÇonnor since 2008.

The bond between the couple is mostly unclear and her admirers have shown interest in whether she is married or engaged to a youtube vlogger. However, the pair are seen in the videos on her brother's youtube channel, and also the Instagram influencer is seen with her boyfriend on her social media sites including her instagram.

Poppy Deyes Age

Social media influencer Poppy was born on May 29, 1991, in Brighton, England. As one who was born in May month, she is under the zodiac sign Gemini.  Her nanny named her Emma, her real name is Emman Poppy Deyes.

Her friends and family called her nickname Poppy which later became her online pseudonym. Her mother Amanda Deyes encouraged her to pursue her hobby, she took up an Art Foundation course after completing school.

After completing the art foundation course, she majored in Fine Art at Kingston University in 2012 at the age of 21. She spent a year working at a burger restaurant and assisted in teaching an autistic child in Central London.

Business Woman Poppy Deyes Family

Emma's brother is a popular YouTube sensation Alfie Deyes, he is an English vlogger and businessman who runs a youtube channel by the name PointlessBlog. He started his YouTube channel in 2009 and the channel has over 4.80 million as of 2021.

As per the source, Emma is dating a popular YouTube personality from the UK with more than 490,000 subscribers Sean Elliott OÇonnor. The two initially met by the use of family-acquainted friends.

Poppy Deyes Mother Amanda  And Brother Alfie Deyes
Poppy Deyes Mother Amanda And Brother Alfie Deyes ( Source : Thewikifeed )

Poppy's boyfriend uploads videos on his channel covering many different topics including travel vlogs, food, lifestyle accessories, and competitions. She is even featured in some of the videos on her boyfriend,s youtube channel.

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