Is Nicky Nightmare Related To Pam and Tommy? The Internet Looks For Tiktokers Alleged Celeb Parents


Nicky Nightmare is a musician and Tiktoker ( Source : Thestyleplus )

Nicky Nightmare is rumored to be related to Pam and Tommy. The guessing games regarding who his parents are has not ended yet. 

Nicky Nightmare answers questions regarding his celebrity parents on Tiktok but does not reveal their identities. While some people think he is out there trying to do things on his own, some said that the claims about having famous parents might be fake. 

Nicky Nightmare is said to be related to Pam and Tommy. The former couple was one of the fans' guesses about his celebrity parents. 

The musician had previously claimed that he was the son of one of the famous celebrity couples in the world but did not reveal their names. Many viewers have asked several questions about his father and mother. 

Pam with her two sons
Pam with her two sons ( Source : Capitalfm )

The reason why people may have guessed that he could be the son of Pam and Tommy could be because of the musician. He is a drummer and the founder of a heavy metal band. And, considering how Nicky is into music and guitar could be one of the reasons why people thought Pam and Tommy could be his child. 

However, the former pair has only two sons, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger. Both of their children are musicians and actors, but none of them have any relation to Nicky Nightmare.

Who Are Nicky Nightmare Alleged Celebrity Parents?

People have guessed several names of alleged celebrity parents of Nicky Nightmare. However, he has not confirmed any of those names. 

However, he has provided several hints previously, making people guess the names. He stated that he played "the teen heartthrob on one of the most well-known sitcoms of all time," but he has not provided any other information regarding his youth acting career.


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Some people speculate that he portrayed Nicky or Alex, two of Uncle Jesse's (John Stamos) and Aunt Becky's (Lori Loughlin) Full House twins. However, it does not seem to be him, as the information about where those actors are now saying otherwise. 

The audience will continue to make their guesses until he confirms any of them. But, there is a picture he uploaded in 2014 on his IG where he captioned 'Father, in his shorts". But, the person in the picture is difficult to identify. 

Nicky Nightmare Family Ties

Nicky Nightmare's family ties have been a matter of curiosity for some time now. He continues to answer queries regarding his parents in Tiktok but does not reveal their identity. 

When he was asked if his father taught him to play the guitar, he said he self-taught himself. He used to listen to Nirvana, and he developed an interest from there. 

Previously, many people thought that he might be the son of Dave Navarro. However, Navarro denied the rumors and claimed that he had no children. Therefore, the question regarding Nicky's family ties remains unanswered till today. 

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