Is Moses Storm Married To Kantu Lentz? Details We Know About The Everything's Trash Actor


Moses Storm's girlfriend Kantu Lentz enjoying themselves ( Source : Tipsresult )

American actor, writer, and TV personality, Moses Storm has been in a relationship with German filmmaker, Kantu Lentz.

Moses Storm is a well-known author, actor, and comedian from the United States who celebrates his birthday every May 6. 

Since January 20, 2022, the phenomenal show host, Moses has been running his comedy special named 'Trash White' on HBO Max. While his girlfriend is currently directing a New Balance branded content campaign developing her first feature which is set to be shot in Peru.

Moses Storm & Kantu Lentz Are In A Loving Relationship

Moses Storm has been in a committed relationship with the filmmaker Kantu Lentz, since February 15, 2015, when Moses shared his lover's picture on Instagram in February 2015.

Even though whether the couple got married or engaged. What we can tell based on their Instagram profile is that they have been together for 7 long years. The couple shares each other's photos from time to time on the platform. Like, look at this one.

As you can see, Kantu posted a picture with her long-time boyfriend celebrating their seventh year anniversary on February 15.

However, Moses Storm is not married to Kantu Lentz, not yet. Kantu Lentz's boyfriend hardly shares any information regarding his romantic life with the media, you can tell he is a very private person. The couple hasn't revealed th

On the same day as Feb 15, 2019, the filmmaker's partner Moses shared multiple pictures of them together at Mcway Fall, where the actor expresses his love.

Actor Moses Storm’s Age & Ethnicity

Growing up in a religious family of missionaries in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the 33-year-old actor currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The comedian is a UCB Theatre alumni. As per his ethnicity, according to IMDB, it hasn’t been yet revealed.

On the other hand, A Peruvian-German filmmaker, Kantu Lentz is an actress, writer, and director based in Los Angeles, California. She was born in New York City, however, she grew up in Peru and Germany. 

Moses Storm’s Film & TV Appearances

Notable for his role as Seth in the TV series, The 4 to 9ers (2012), his film works include The Great American Comedy Tour in 2014, notable for his role as Mitch Roussel in Unfriended (2014), the TV romance Correcting Christmas in 2014, the short comedy Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling (2014), and the TV comedy Small Victories in 2016.

Moses Storm in an event
Moses Storm in an event ( Source : I )

Not to mention, the documentary #ModernMillenial (2015) which he wrote, directed, edited, and starred in. 

In addition, his short video Terminally Chill Birthday (2014) went viral for which he gained media attention around the globe. As a result, he earned notoriety for this action.

Kantu Lentz Is a Film Director

Furthermore, Moses’s partner creates film stories that take place in alternate realities with the touch of magical realm elements. 

She is an alumnus of an AFI Directing Workshop for Women. While at AFI, Kantu directed 'Up Here'. Her short ‘Struck By Her’ was premiered at the Oscar and qualified for the 44th Annual USA Film Festival.

Kantu Lentz tells People Chica her insights on Power of Women through visual story telling
Kantu Lentz tells People Chica her insights on Power of Women through visual story telling ( Source : Imagesvc )

In the above image, the Latina director, Lentz shares her insights to People Chica on the Power of Women through visual storytelling.

In her direction, the short comedy, ‘Rollercoaster Break-up’ starring Moses Storm, went viral with over 8 million views.

Similarly, Moses's girlfriend recently premiered her short film "Moses Storm's Perfect Journey" at Tribeca Film Festival. Worth mentioning, Kantu Lentz worked as a writer's assistant for Netflix Original 'Ingobernable' in 2016.

To conclude, both partners have been actively involved in each other's lives since 2015. As far as their marriage is concerned, they haven't yet decided whether to get married anytime soon. The couple seems to be loving their relationship and life together.

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