Is Kaylee Mckeown Related To Emma Mckeown? Sisters Relation With Between The Swimmers Details

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Australian swimmer Kaylee Mckeown is a triple Olympic medalist. She holds the world record in women's 100-meter backstroke.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the swimmer won the 100-meter backstroke at 57.47 seconds, breaking the previous record. She was honored with the Medal Of Honour Australia in 2022.

Numerous athletes with the same last name are frequently believed to be related. Lately, Kaylee has been rumored to be the sister of Emma Mckeown. Are they sister in real life?

Kaylee Mckeown and Emma Mckeown are neither siblings nor cousins. They are not sisters of one another by far miles.

Because of their uncanny resemblance, many assume that Emma and Kaylee Mckeown are siblings. First of all, they both have the last name "McKeown." They both are swimmers who have many similarities. Both Kaylee and Emma are Australians.

Secondly, both Kaylee and Emma are professional swimmers from Australia. Likewise, both participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan. 

Kaylee won the women's 100m backstroke event at the Tokyo Olympics. Emma achieved the same results, taking home gold in the women's 4x100 m freestyle relay and bronze in the 100 m butterfly.

Therefore, it is common for others to infer that both have a relationship.

Kaylee Mckeown Is The Sister Of Taylor Mckeown

Kaylee Mckeown is the sister of Taylor Mckeown, a competitive swimmer.

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Taylor earned the gold medal in the 200-meter breaststroke, and at the 2016 Summer Olympics, she took home the silver in the 4100-meter medley relay.

 Similarly, At the 2016 Summer Olympics, Taylor competed for Australia in the 100- and 200-meter breaststrokes, posting the quickest time to qualify for the final. She finished in the fifth position. She studies at Sunshine Coast University.

Who Are Kaylee Mckeown's Parents? More About Her Family

Kaylee Mckeown is the daughter of Sholto McKeown and Sharon McKeown. She is a native of Redcliffe, Queensland.

Her father died in August 2020 following a long battle with brain cancer. Despite the tragedy, she and her sister continue to impart lessons from their late father.

The swimmer has a tiny tattoo on her foot that says, "I'll always be with you" in cursive as a homage to her late father.

Women's 100m backstroke gold medal winner McKeown has said, 'He stayed with me the entire race. It's kind of like a personal superpower I have.'

McKeown competed in the 200-meter backstroke at the 2017 World Championships when she was 15, narrowly missing a podium finish.

She won silver in the 200 metres in the thrilling world championship competition in South Korea in 2019 after winning gold at the Youth Olympics in 2018. This swim made it clear that she had made it on the international stage.

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