Is Babs Thore From 'MBFFL' OK? Whitney's Mom Experienced a Serious Health Scare


Those who have been tuning into My Big Fat Fabulous Life know how incredibly close Whitney Thore is with her friends and family. The TLC star has a rock-solid support system — so it's no surprise that viewers have fallen in love with her adorable parents, Glenn and Barbara "Babs" Thore. However, a preview for Season 10 of MBFFL has fans concerned for Whitney's mother. Is Babs Thore still alive? Keep reading to learn more about her recent health scare.

Is Babs Thore still alive?

Thankfully, MBFFL fans can rest assured that Babs Thore is still alive and well today. What likely prompted the widespread concern for Whitney's mom's health was a sneak peek clip from Season 10, which was shared exclusively by People.

Whitey Thore and her mom Babs Thore

In the clip, Whitney's father Glenn Thore informed her over the phone: "We're taking your mom to the emergency room. It's scary." Whitney clarified for the camera: "I got a call from my dad. He said that my mother had another stroke. My heart just fell out of my body."

"She was laying on the couch, and she couldn't talk," Whitney's brother Hunter recounted. "When I first came in, I thought she might have passed away."

Glenn added: "And I was trying to figure out how bad it was, you know, where do we go from here."

In another scene, Whitney sobbed in her car as she spoke to her father on the phone. "I can't believe he's taken a turn for the worse," Glenn told his daughter.

"I saw mom today, and this is really it," Whitney said before she embraced a member of the production crew and broke down emotionally.

It's no wonder fans were freaked out!

Whitney's mom's prior health scare was featured on 'MBFFL.'

This isn't the first time Babs has experienced a health emergency on MBFFL. Back in 2017, Whitney's mom suffered her first stroke and seizures, and the aftermath and her recovery were highlighted on the show.

How old is Babara Thore?

Currently, Babs Thore is 76 years old — although she looks much younger, according to many TLC fans. Whitney recently posted a birthday shoutout to her mom via Instagram. On June 22, the MBFFL star wrote, "QUEEN BABS 👑 turned 76 today! People were guessing that she was 60 😭 ."

Whitney continued: "Every day I pray to have my mother’s wit, grace, strength, and genetics. How lucky am I to have been given this woman as my mother AND I get to share her with the world? She is my greatest treasure and my best friend."

Hopefully, Babs has been able to fully recover from her most recent seizure and is back to her spunky self by the time this episode airs in its entirety.

Season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life premieres on Aug. 9, 2022, at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. In the meantime, you can catch up on Seasons 1–9 on the Discovery Plus app.


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