How Old Is Gretchen Evans? Army Sergeant Veteran Receives Pat Tillman Award At ESPY


Gretchen Evans is a real heroine. ( Source : Twitter )

Gretchen Evans spent 27 years in the US Army, where she attained the rank of Command Sergeant Major.

Gretchen Evans was thrown headfirst into a bunker in Afghanistan while attempting to get her troops to safety while under intense mortar fire.

Her 27-year military career came to an end when she awoke a few days later with a traumatic brain injury and a permanent hearing loss.

Through a lot of effort, she was able to carry her tenacity into the civilian world, where she is now a community activist, mentor, and coach. 

How Old Is Gretchen Evans? Army Sergeant Veteran Receives Pat Tillman Award At ESPY

By her physical look, Gretchen Evans is 61 years of age. Gretchen Evans, an Army Command Sergeant Major, was visiting troops in a remote area in 2006.

In addition to her struggles and labor, she has recently received the Pat Tillman Award at the ESPYs, which is a very proud event.

Thank you, Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans, tweeted one Twitter user.
Thank you, Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans, tweeted one Twitter user. ( Source : Twitter )

She had a stellar 27-year Army career and was in control of all Army ground operations in Afghanistan at the time. She and her colleagues were suddenly met with a hail of mortar fire.

She crashed into a concrete wall when one of the explosives fell nearby. She was surrounded by two other troops who died instantly. She got by.

She soon discovered the full extent of her injuries after being sent to a military hospital in Germany. She endured numerous injuries, including PTSD, a brain injury, shrapnel wounds, and utter deafness.

She spent a hard 18 months receiving extensive therapy. Evans has now bounced back to lead a full and busy life, though.

Who Is Gretchen Evans? Her  Wikipedia

One of three siblings, Gretchen Evans grew raised in Abilene, Texas. Despite not coming from a military household, her father had served in the war.

She enrolled in Texas Tech after high school, but soon discovered that the exorbitant expense of tuition was a significant financial barrier.

After a four-year service commitment, she made the decision to enlist in the Army so that she could continue her studies with the military paying for it as a perk.

She fell in love with the Army, though, which is a funny thing that happened along the line. Six months later, She recognized she had discovered her calling.

Gretchen Evans Career & Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Gretchen Evans also appears in a play written by Jonathan Wei for the Telling Project as one of four female combat veterans.

The theater production, We Went to War, is loosely structured and features the stories of the women as they are each told in stirring prose.

They have already performed at the Library of Congress and the Guthrie Theater in Milwaukee. They will appear in D.C.'s National Press Club in October.

She is expected to have a $1 million net worth as of 2022 as a result of her prosperous profession.

Together with other injured veterans, she continues to pursue her passion for extreme sports. The "World's Toughest Event," a 671 km/7-day endurance race staged in Fiji, attracted Gretchen and her "Unbroken" crew in 2019.

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