How Did Muhammad Alshareef Pass Away? Death Cause Of The AlMaghrib Institute Founder


Muhammad Alshareef's obituary on Facebook ( Source : Facebook )

The founder of AIMaghrib Institute, one of the most significant Islamic studies institutes in Houston, Texas, Mr. Muhammad Alshareef, passed away on Thursday, July 21.

He had become one of the most prominent leaders of the Islamic community in the USA, with his reach wide and far in the nation.

The healthy young man's news of passing came as a surprise to all his followers, friends, and family, leaving them in a state of despair and tragedy.

Muhammad Alshareef Death Cause - How Did He Pass Away?

Muhammad Alshareef, one of the well-known personalities in the Islamic community in the USA, suddenly passed away on July 21, with confirmation that health issues were not the cause of his death.

The news of Muhammad's passing got announced on his social media, including his Facebook and Twitter, where his family and friends notified all his followers that the young man had left the realm.

Following the quote, "To Allah, we belong, and to Him, we return.", the obituary of the Islamic leader further talked about Muhammad saying,

"This man was a giant in our Ummah, taught us the power of Dua, and to always rely on Allah. He raised a nation of Dua makers in all of us."

Shykh Muhammad AlShareef at ilmtour - Bradford
Shykh Muhammad AlShareef at ilmtour - Bradford ( Source : Instagram )

They also asked everyone to pray for their beloved family member, writing,

"So today, we ask Allah to make us all a hujjah for him in the Akhirah, for everything he taught us to be counted in his scale of good deeds with him, and that Allah beautifies his reception, forgive him his sins, and enter him into Al-Firdaws."

The post also described the founder of AIMaghrib as a righteous man and a true nation builder and hoped for patience from Allah during this time of despair.

Age Of The Founder Of AlMaghrib Institute

The founder of the AlMaghrib Institute, Muhammad Alshareef, was born in 1975 and was 47 years of age when he, unfortunately, passed away due to unforeseen circumstances.

Born to Egyptian parents, Muhammad grew up in Canada, but his dedication to his religion was strong, so he memorized the Quran as a child.

Alshareef graduated from Madinah University and founded the Islamic institute, where he led people to learn and practice the Islamic religion, guiding them.

The young man used to help guide people through the death of a family member; little did he know his advice would apply to his own family in such a short time.

Religion Views Of The Deceased Man

Muhammad Alshareef was born to Islamic parents who read the Quran, piqued his curiosity, and he memorized the Quran as a kid.

Alshareef found his connection to the Islamic religion and did not stop at just following and reading the Quran. He also wanted to help guide others through the process, which resulted in him founding the AlMaghrib Institute.

With his knowledge of the religion and his skills as an educator, he held seminars and short courses to help people understand the Islamic religion and how to follow it properly.

Besides this, he was learning himself and improving with other people as he learned about the meanings behind the sayings in the Islamic religion.

Everyone who knew him treated him like a national leader and a righteous man doing Allah's job of guiding everyone to the right path.

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