Fran Kirby Partner Maren Mjelde, Are They In A Relationship In 2022?


Fran Kirby after the win at Bramall Lane ( Source : Instagram )

With Women's EURO 2022, Norwegian football player Fran Kirby has been the star of the day with her insane skills, and fans are rooting for the footballer the win.

The athlete finally returned this year with a blast, and everyone is curious to know about the football player's love life, whether Fran Kirby is still dating her partner, Maren Mjelde.

So let us learn more about the Chelsea team lead, her relationship status, and her partner.

Fran Kirby Partner Maren Mjelde

Rumors about Fran Kirby dating fellow football player Maren Mjelde were everywhere on the internet. With the Chelsea star opening coming out as gay, her appearance with Maren Mjelde made everyone speculate about their relationship.

The 29-year-old footballer allegedly dated Norwegian defender and midfielder Maren Mjelde, who is 32 years old. Four years of an age gap between the two did not hinder the relationship between the two.

Fran Kirby and her allegedly former partner, Maren Mjelde ( Source : I )

Various sources claimed that the two were seen together on multiple occasions, but the couple never confirmed or denied their relationship.

Like Fran, her partner, Maren, is also an athlete in the Chelsea Football Club Women in Norwegia and has made a name for herself in the team.

She has played in the national team for Norway since 2007, starting her career since the year 1995. Their shared passion for the sport must have been crucial for their relationship.

Are They In A Relationship In 2022?

Since the couple allegedly broke up some time ago, Fran Kirby and her partner, Maren Mjelde, are not in a relationship anymore. The news of their breakup was quite popular in the sports world since the Chelsea lead was busy getting back into the sport.

Kirby suffered a lot of fo time off the field due to her health issues, and she spent all of her time preparing for her grand comeback over the past few years.

Fran Kirby in April of 2022 due to exhaustion ( Source : Pbs )

After suffering a medical condition causing swelling and irritation in the tissues around the heart called pericarditis, Fran did not appear in the 2020 campaign.

She took time off to regain her health, and while she tried to make another appearance in the new season, the practice took a toll on her body, and she had to sit out and due to exhaustion.

Her health was vital for the athlete, so Fran focused on her health for her future career. So, fans of the players assumed that the couple took separate ways to focus on their careers.

Does Fran Kirby Have A New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

Norwegian footballer Fran Kirby does not seem to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Judging by the way Fran Kirby is pushing forward this WEURO, it seems she only has one thing on her mind, and it's the game.

Also, the star athlete is an open lesbian who even made it into the "Visible Lesbian 100" list of Diva magazine during Lesbian Visibility Week in 2020, so she won't get a boyfriend.

Fran Kirby at Brighton and Hove Albion FC, Amex Stadium ( Source : Instagram )

The athlete and her team released a statement about her putting her health first, so it seems she would like to focus on her health and career rather than her relationship status.

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