Fact Check: Is Rishi Sunak Muslim? Fans Believe His Origin Is Gujarati Indian


British politician Rishi Sunak ( Source : Instagram )

The world is now focused on Rishi Sunak, a 42-year-old man of Indian descent who is currently a leading candidate for the position of UK prime minister. 

On Monday, Rishi won the third round of voting among Parliamentary members of the Conservative Party. Rishi will be the first person of Indian descent to hold the position of the prime minister of Britain if he wins this election. On September 5, the final decision will be made public.

Boris Johnson has gained further attention as a result of claims that his resignation as the British Chancellor of the Exchequer was what ultimately led to his collapse. ThePrint investigates his background in terms of his family, education, and cultural ties.

His ancestry, political ascent, and fortune have piqued interest among Indians as well as British people.

RELIGION: Is Rishi Sunak Muslim?

Rishu Sunak is Hindu. He took his oath of office in the House of Commons using the Bhagavad Gita. A teetotaller, he. He had previously served as the East London Science School's governor. Nova is a Labrador that belongs to Sunak.

A Punjabi Khatri family from Gujranwala who now resides in Pakistan is the Sunaks. In 1935, Rishi's maternal grandfather Ramdas Sunak moved from Gujranwala to Nairobi to work as a clerk.

According to Michael Ashcroft, Rishi's authorized biographer, a decline in Hindu-Muslim ties was a factor in the decision to relocate to Nairobi.

Suhag Rani Sunak, the wife of Ramdas, and her mother-in-law first relocated to Delhi from Gujranwala before making their way to Kenya in 1937.

Ramdas was an accountant who subsequently rose to the position of an administrative officer with the Kenyan colonial government, claims a source connected with the family. Three sons and daughters out of six were born to Ramdas and Suhag Rani.

One of them was Yashveer Sunak, the father of Rishi, who was born in Nairobi in 1949. Yashveer moved to Liverpool in 1966 and enrolled at the University of Liverpool to study medicine. Now, he resides in Southampton. All three of Ramdas and Suhag Rani's daughters went to school in India.

Punjab is where Rishi's maternal grandparents come from. Raghubir Berry, his maternal grandpa, was born and raised in Punjab before working as a railway engineer in Tanzania. He wed Sraksha Sunak, who was born in Tanzania.

Rishi Sunak Origin- Fans Believe He Is Gujarati Indian

Rishi Sunak comes from a Punjabi family. Ashcroft claims that Sraksha traveled to the UK in 1966 on a one-way ticket she acquired by selling her wedding jewelry.

Berry followed soon after and spent significant time working for the UK's Inland Revenue Service. In 1988, he received the MBE, or Member of the Order of the British Empire, which honors individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to society.

Sunak met his future wife, Akshata Murthy, a millionaire heiress while completing his MBA at Stanford University in the US on a Fulbright scholarship. Akshata is the daughter of Narayana Murthy, the IT services behemoth Infosys CEO. Two of Rishi and Akshata's daughters.

From 2001 through 2004, Rishi was employed by Goldman Sachs as an analyst. According to a UK government website, he eventually went on to become a partner in two hedge funds, where he used his skills to aid the expansion of small and innovative British businesses.

After serving as a Conservative MP for Richmond in Yorkshire since 2015, he was appointed as a junior minister in Theresa May's administration. Johnson appointed him chief secretary to the Treasury in 2019 and gave him a promotion to the chancellor in February 2020.

Meet Rishi Unak Parents 

Usha, one of the couple's three daughters, is the mother of Rishi. In 1972, Usha graduated with a degree in pharmacology from Aston University.

Usha and Yashveer, the parents of Rishi, were wed in Leicester in 1977 after meeting in the UK.

His mother, Usha, was born in Tanganyika (which later became part of Tanzania), while his father, Yashvir, was born and raised in the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya (current-day Kenya).

Usha was a pharmacist who oversaw a neighborhood pharmacy, and Yashvir was a general practitioner.

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