Does Heather Land Wear A Wig? Comedian Hair Extension Details, Is She Sick Tonight?

  Comedian Heather Land ( Source : Seetickets )

Prominently recognized as the author of I Ain't Doin' It, Heather Land is also a comedian and gospel music artist. Millions have come to love Heather for her ability to find humor in life, but her self-deprecating jokes endear her to people. Her music and stories touch the hearts of listeners all around the nation, reminding us of the many ways that real life can be both incredibly challenging and incredibly humorous.

The comedian is presently in the stream of talks because of a video she posted about her hair loss. Her hair loss doesn't root in any chronic fatal disease, rest assured, but it has been troubling her a lot. Let us dive into what we know about Heather Land's hair loss.

Heather Land Is Wearing Wig Because of Hair Loss

Land came up to her youtube channel on 15 July 2022 and posted a video titled Why I Shaved My Head. There, she revealed that she had been wearing a wig for a while because of extreme hair loss.

Heather has been losing significant hair during the last six to eight months. The texture of her hair was changing, and hair products were not being absorbed. Moreover, the top and side of her head were thinning. While it is conceivable that the five years she wore hair extensions tugged on the bottom section of her hair, this does not account for the hair loss at the top of her head.

Yes, Land is in contact with her doctors to discuss and work on long-term solutions for her hair loss. But an immediate one, to everyone's perception, was a wig. Therefore, she started surfing for probable wigs that would match her taste.

After weeks of intensive research on wigs, Land found two compelling accounts: The Wiggy Woman (original name heather) and Wig Hair Don't Care (original name Danielle). She asked for assistance from those two accounts, and much to Land's satisfaction, they helped her choose the correct wig and even alleviated the stigma and shame associated with using wigs.

Similarly, Land acknowledged in the video that she posted that she invested a lot of money in wigs. Nevertheless, she felt awful whenever she opened her wig and went about the house. Furthermore, she would feel terrible every time she took a bath and discovered fallen hairs on her hand. And it was at that point that she decided to shave her head.

Is Heather Land Sick?

Hair loss is a significant sign of many chronic diseases. Therefore, it can appear to someone unaware of the background and seriousness of Heather's position that she is ill. But that is not the case.

The comedian doesn't have a medical condition, but she thinks her hair loss may be related to the time she had COVID 19. Heather is contacting her doctor to opt for a long-term solution for her hair. While at it, she and the doctor agreed that covid might contribute to the study into the root of Heather's hair loss.

" I Ain't Doing It" Heather Land ( Source : Facebook )

Furthermore, Heather also conveyed in her video that she is glad her hair loss is not fixated on any sickness. Nonetheless, she experienced a lot of emotional stress because of her hair loss. She was grieving every time her hair separated from her scalp and was vulnerable to negative skews of emotions until she shaved her hair. Wearing wigs just provided her momentary happiness. When she opened her wig, the feelings were back at it again.

The gospel music artist did not want to shave her head out of aesthetics like it is on trend on the Internet. She wished to gain control over the sense of helplessness she felt in the face of this traumatic incident in her life, which was the extreme hair loss. After shaving her head, Land admitted that she had never cried; instead, she felt good. She even revealed a picture of her shaved head in the video.

Heather Land's Family- Husband And Children

Land has had a failed marriage with her ex-husband Brad, who she was with for 15 years. She has two children with her ex-husband. Land had to reevaluate her life after her divorce because it was horrible, and she explored the humorous side in her to cope with it. It was her divorce that turned her into a comedian.

Land subsequently met Stephen Mathew, a member of Oprah Winfrey's technical team, through her job as a comic and musician. She had found the man she had been pining for in Stephen. In November 2019, Land and Mathew took a romantic getaway to Paris. It was there when Mathew proposed Land in front of the Eiffel Tower, and they got engaged.

Heather and her husband Stephen Mathew
Heather and her husband Stephen Mathew ( Source : Facebook )

Their wedding was scheduled for earlier than 2020, but because of the pandemic, they had to postpone it. However, Stephen and Land spent their lockdown days together with Land's children. The family became close, thanks to the pandemic-induced confinement.

They married on 10 October 2020 at Manchester Pike in Christiana, Tennessee.

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