Does Ali Rashid From Apollo Have A Wife? Former Partner and His Girlfriend Travelled The World With Fraud


Former Apollo Partner Ali Rashid ( Source : Twitter )

Ali Rashid, a former partner at Apollo Management, has levied using clients' money to pay for expensive holidays and designer clothing for his girlfriend.

Rashid is a previous partner at the American global alternative investment management firm Apollo Global Management, Inc. He has worked alongside critical people, Marc Rowan, CEO Josh Harris, senior​ managing director Scott Kleinman, and Co-President and Lead Partner, Private Equity James Zelter. 

Moreover, Rashid has pledged guilty to utilizing the investor's money for his vacation. Despite earning millions from his profession, he used investor money to live a luxurious life. He has spent that money on family vacations, designer clothing, and spa services. 

Does Ali Rashid From Apollo Have A Wife?

Rashid kept his mouth closed when it was about his wife. After reviewing his details, he is in a relationship with someone. 

Rashid had fined $240k after he used the investor's money to fly around the world with his girlfriend. Federal judge blasts Leon Black's Apollo charged for practices that enabled an ex-partner to claim dollars from investors for a bachelor party, Super Bowl trip & more. 

Moreover, the former Apollo partner circled the globe with his girlfriend. SEC reported he had landed quietly in the Dubai-based private equity firm Safanad in the New York Office. Before that, he used the professional fund for his items. 

From January 2010 to Jun 2013, he has improperly charged for personal belonging. Rashid was in Paris and took his love with him and set his travel to the company fund. 

Ali Rashid Girlfriend Detail

Rashid has brought over his girlfriend for a world visit and charged the liable amount to the company account. He has utilized the clients' money to enjoy the trip with his bond.

According to SEC, Rashid has got caught charging the money twice for personal expenses. Also, they had stated Apollo had taken action against the senior partner after using the fund illegally. His bills have got paid by New York State Pension Fund. 

As a result, SEC imposed a $240,000 penalty on former Apollo senior partner Mohammed Ali, found to have falsely described personal expenses.

Ali Rashid Fraud Charges By Investors 

Rashid has been charged with the fraud case and using the investor fund to pay for personal expenditures in 2017. Before that, in 2016, Rashid had made a settlement of $52.7 million with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

SEC imposes $240,000 penalty on former Apollo senior partner Mohammed Ali Rashid
SEC imposes $240,000 penalty on former Apollo senior partner Mohammed Ali Rashid ( Source : Pbs )

On October 25, 2017, Matthew Heller, CFO, reported about the fraud case of the ex-partner, Rashid. He has mentioned the SEC says a former Apollo Management senior partner billed PE fund clients for personal expenses, including family vacations and spa visits.

According to SEC, Rashid has quietly billed his investor for approximately $290,000 for personal fees like family vacations, hair salon visits, and purchasing designer clothing. Even he has billed the amount of $3,500 for his father's Zegna suit. 

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