Did Rebecca Balding Have Ovarian Cancer? Death Cause And Husband Of The Actress Revealed


Actress Rebecca Balding of Soap and Charmed passes away at age 73: Know her husband, and children ( Source : Thewrap )

Rebecca Balding, the wife of actor-director James L. Conway, lost her battle with ovarian cancer on July 18 in Salt Lake City.

Veteran stage and screen actress Rebecca was best known for her roles in the TV series Soap and the original Charmed.

Before relocating to Hollywood, where she went on to guest star in scores of television series, she began her career on the stage in Chicago.

You've come to the right page if you're curious about the specifics of this renowned actress's demise, including the support of her husband and children. You can get what you desire from us.

Rebecca Balding Died Of Ovarian Cancer 

The Charmed actress Rebecca died of ovarian cancer on July 18, her husband James told to Deadline. Twitter is swamped with her heartbreaking news and messages of sympathy for her family as they cope with the tragic loss.

The actress's cancer was not revealed before.

Arkansas's Little Rock is where Balding was born. She studied at the University of Kansas. She almost served for 30 years in the television industry- she ended her career as an actress in 2006.

A cell growth that develops in the ovaries is called ovarian cancer. The cells can penetrate and obliterate healthy biological tissue and reproduce swiftly. The hormones progesterone and estrogen are also produced in the ovaries, which are each roughly the size of an almond.

Rebecca Was Married To James L. Conway: Meet Her Husband

Acclaimed actress Rebecca was married to her husband James L. Conway on February 15, 1981, who is an American film and television director, producer and writer, studio executive, and novelist.

Balding met James L. Conway, a television producer when she was trying out for a role in the 1981 horror film The Boogens. They began to like each other and fell in love right away.

Actress Rebecca Balding was survived by her husband James L. Conway, a directer, producer, and novelist
Actress Rebecca Balding was survived by her husband James L. Conway, a directer, producer, and novelist ( Source : Memory-Alpha )

The notorious producer was born on October 27, 1950, in New York City, USA.  He has a Bachelor of Arts, in mass communications from the University of Denver as per his LinkedIn.

Conway worked on numerous television shows while serving as executive vice president of Spelling Television from 1996 to 2002, including 7th Heaven, Melrose Place, and Beverly Hills 90210.

The Boogens and Hangar 18 are two motion pictures that Conway directed. He contributed to several television shows, including Charmed, The Magicians, Aquarius, Supernatural, Smallville, Psych, 90210, and many more along with TV movies like the Mohicans and Incredible Rocky Mountain Race and the Bible.

In 2012, Conway started penning novels. Dead and Not So Buried (2012), Sexy Babe (2012), and In Cold Blonde (2012) are some of his books (2013).

How Many Children Does Rebecca Balding Have?

The recently dead television personality was reported to be the mother of two children.

Her daughters Sarah and Kathleen, husband, writer-director James L. Conway, and grandchildren all survive Balding.

She has a cousin Caroline Williams who posted balding's demise on Twitter writing- my cousin Rebecca balding passed away. 

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