Did Paloma Leave Big Brother Because of Racist Allegations? What Happened To Her?


Fashion & Fitness enthusiast, Paloma Aguilar ( Source : Instagram )

Paloma Aguilar is a fashion and fitness lover who left the television platform for season 24 of Big Brother house due to her problem with anxiety, not Racist Allegations.

Aguilar is a real estate and interior designer who has taken her step on Big Brother. However, she was excited to be a part of the program. The agent cannot lead her way on the reality platform because of her mental illness. She has problems of sleeping and an eating disorder in the reality show. As a result, the designer left the venue. 

Did Paloma Leave Big Brother Because of Racist Allegations?

Rumors have spread about Paloma leaving Big Brother because of the racist allegation. Nonetheless, the story is false. She has left the Big brother show because she couldn't sleep or eat at the Big Brother house. According to Sun, Paloma has left the show on Wednesday night. 

Moreover, Aguilar has left Big Brother season 24 because personal reasons, but fans are spreading the bad news on the internet. She was the first person to evade the show, saving Taylor Hale in the house. 

After Aguilar departed from the reality show, she made an impression on Tiktok. However, she has not posted the detail on her social post. She has thanked her fans for loving and supporting her. Cora De Luca has made a Twitter post where Aguilar has commented on their Tiktok video. 

Aguilar has said she lost touch with reality shows because her brain went into overdrive, and she needed a mental break. Her fan got shocked to see the reply from the designer and happy to know about her condition. 

If Aguliar has stayed in the program, she would have a chance to win the grand prize of $500,00. The cameras and microphones seize every opponent's move for the TV audience. 

What Happened To Paloma Aguilar?

Aguilar has quit the reality television show due to anxiety. Also, she got out of the house in the first live eviction. The news got known to the public on the Thursday episode.

Nevertheless, Aguilar was so excited to be a part of the reality show as she shared her journey on her Instagram. 

As a result, she has talked about her condition to Matt Turner. The fashion enthusiasm does not want to make her houseguest concerned about her situation. She disappeared from the Daily Room, and the contestants knew about the news through Head of Household Daniel Durston. He said she left the show because of personal matters. 

Why Was Paloma Aguilar Removed?

Aguilar has been removed from the reality program because of her problem with anxiety. Her last post on Instagram was about her entry into Big Brother. The fashion designer was happy to get into the house. However, she faced difficulty on the show. 

Paloma Aguilar at Big Brother season 24 house
Paloma Aguilar at Big Brother season 24 house ( Source : Twitter )

After reviewing Paloma's profile, she seemed to love traveling and shared her journey after leaving the show on her Tiktok. She is enjoying her time with her friends. 

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