Did Neyo Also Cheat On His First Wife Monyetta Shaw? Recent and Past Cheating Allegations Addressed


Ne-Yo's wife claimed him a serial cheater: Has he cheated on his first fiancee Monyetta Shaw? ( Source : Nypost )

Shaffer Chimere Smith famed as Ne-Yo, an American singer accused of being a serial cheater by his wife, Crystal Renay.

Ne-Yo and Shaw, his ex-fiance, had a long-term romance until he ended it and started dating Renay.

Shaw and Renay eventually grew good friends and have tirelessly worked to integrate their families despite the tough breakup. On Instagram, they engaged in a combined ques session where they discussed how they came to be friends.

People are now interested to know whether Ne-Yo has cheated on his first fiance, Shaw, as Crystal recently claimed him to be a serial cheater. Keep reading us as this article reveals all the secrets you are searching for.

Did Neyo Cheat On His First Wife, Monyetta Shaw?

Ne-solo Yo's career began to take off nearly from the moment Ne-Yo's first wife, Shaw, and he had been dating for several years. They were married, shared a home, and had two kids throughout their partnership.

Even Ne-Yo admitted in his Behind The Music special that after Shaw established her legitimacy, he knew she was the one.

He had previously believed that he fathered a child with a different lady he had been dating before Shaw, but it later emerged that the child was not medically his. After the heartbreak, Shaw was kind to Ne-Yo.

Has Ne-Yo cheated on his first wife Monyetta Shaw? ( Source : Cheatsheet )

Even though Shaw was patient and loving, their relationship could not last. He first claimed that he and Shaw had voluntarily decided to end their relationship in an Instagram post during the summer of 2012, but Shaw acknowledged at the time that his claim was untrue.

Shaw claimed that the breakup caught her off guard and that Ne-Yo called to end things. He admitted to her that he wasn't prepared for marriage. Shaw was so upset when Ne-Yo moved on with Renay a year later and proposed to her not long after they had begun dating.

Shaw was surprised when Renay said she was expecting Ne-first Yo's child because Ne-Yo had previously told her he didn't want any more kids. Yo's Shaw went so far as to have her tubes destroyed to comply with Ne-demands because she thought he would also be getting a vasectomy. Ne-Yo never underwent the operation.

Shaw later admitted that when Ne-Yo started dating Renay, she was still residing with him. It was Shaw who co-parented amicably with Ne-Yo and began to develop a good relationship with Renay.

In 2018, Shaw published a book about co-parenting effectively with Ne-Yo and Renay, recovering from a breakup, and combining families. Even lovingly referring to one another as their "baby mother," Shaw and Renay are close.

Shaw is already married to a man and shares a baby girl with him. The family looks happy and lives a lavish life. 

Crystal Renay Divorce with Ne-Yo After Eight Years Of Marriage Explained

Ne-wife Yo's recently admitted that the musician had been cheating on her, and as a result, she is ending their marriage. Crystal Smith made the terrifying allegations through her Instagram post on Sunday.

She said the singer cheated on her with several women who sold their bodies to him.

She officially called her marriage ended in an Instagram post just weeks after the pair renewed their marriage vows in April. 

She heartbrokenly wrote-8 years of lies and deception with her husband sharing his body with numerous women. Now she's decided to move on and concentrate. on her happiness, health, and children.

Singer Ne-Yo Is The Father Of Five children.

Ne-Yo has two children, a boy, and a girl, from his ex-finance, Monyetta Shaw. Renay had also announced her first pregnancy with Ne-Yo's child.

Crystal Renay shares two boys named SJ and Roman and a baby girl Isabella Rose Smith with singer Ne-Yo or, let's say, ex-husband. 

Isabella is now around one year, and the group trio looks amazing together as their mom constantly uploads their snaps on their Instagram, named themsmithboyz. Neyo, the famed singer, is the father of five children. 

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