Did Homelander Really Assault Becca? Reddit Discusses the Vague Ending In The Boys


Homelander with his son Ryan ( Source : Thewrap )

In this article, we'll talk about one particular event where the Homelander supposedly assaults Becca and how that incident led to different consequences.

Amazon Prime's Original show 'The Boys' is primarily based on a comic book. The television series contains mysteries, suspense, and questions and has a lot of changes to its original comic characters and concepts.

This is where the story gets a little twisted. While in the comic series, Homelander's clone Black Noir is the one who supposedly assaulted Becca.

The Boys' supervillain Homlander
The Boys' supervillain Homlander ( Source : Static2 )

On the other hand, in the television series, the show has put on different stories where Homelander himself assaults Becca.

Let's get the details and get to the bottom of the story.

Did Homelander Assault Becca in Comic Series?

Rebecca, known as 'Becky' Saunders, first met Butcher on the subway train. A short while after the two started dating, Becca somehow managed to handle Butcher's violent attitude and changed him for good. 

Becca eventually ended up marrying Butcher and enjoyed their honeymoon in Miami. During one honeymoon night, Butcher went out for a walk. On the same night, Black Noir, dressed as Homelander, assaulted Becca.

Becca hid the truth from Homelander, and months later, she finds herself dying, giving premature birth to a super-powered fetus.

Homelander Assaults Becca in the Television Series

Becca worked as a Digital Marketing Director at Vought International in London. Billy and Becca lived together with Terror, their dog. 

At the 2012 year-end party, Becca and Billy meet Homelander. A few days after their encounter, the Homelander assaults her, which she finds out later.

Becca in The Boys
Becca in The Boys ( Source : 842339 )

Now pregnant, Becca asks Jonah Vogelbaum to help give birth to her child. While she signs a confidential agreement to stay hidden from Billy, which at the same time forbids her to tell anybody about her situation. The whole time, Billy thinks the Homelander killed her. 

Homelander confronts Billy about what happened with Becca. Homelander traced her location and went to see her. Becca finds him knocking at her door and discovers homeland wishes to see Ryan. 

Heated Conversation Between Homelander & Becca

While Becca explains to Homelander about her agreement with Vought, he pushes Ryan to use his powers. That is when Becca intervenes, and they both have heated conversations. The scene took place in Season 2, Episode 3.

Becca said he doesn't get to tell her how to raise her son. The Homelander replied I'm his father. Becca tempers down and goes, 'you don't get to say that after what you did'. Which she indicates to his assault. Homelander did assault Becca and left her broken.

Reddit believes Becca was completely in disbelief when the assault occurred and left the room in shock. 

Homelander, The Boys' villian, established himself as the main villain who has no weaknesses and has been a reason for many horrific events in the show. In the comics, Black Noir kills Homelander, breaking his face. 

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