David Moores Wife Marge Walmsley And Net Worth, His Illness And Cause Of Death Exposed


David Moore dies at 76 ( Source : Mirror )

David Moores, chairman of Liverpool F.C., passed away at 76. He died a few weeks after his wife of 39 years left him. 

The Liverpool F.C. is devastated to learn the news of the passing of its chairman, David Moore. They are mourning on social media and sending condolences through the letter. 

David Moore Wife, Marge Walmsley, Passed Away a Few Weeks Ago 

David Moore took his last breath on July 22, 2022, a few weeks after his wife's death. In 1983, he wed his wife, Marge Walmsley. 

However, it was not his first time getting married, and Before taking marriage vows with Marge, he was married to Kathy Andres.

She was his first wife, who was a model and beauty queen who has crowned Miss England in 1974. But their marriage was short-lived as Anders, who had been married for just 18 months, passed away in a car accident in September 1977 at the age of 26.

Moores' Jaguar car overturned into a ditch on a quiet country road in Lancashire. He had severe brain injuries when he went to the hospital. 

David Moore Net Worth

David Moore was the heir to Littlewoods Business empire and had assets worth $1.2 billion. He held 17,850 shares in Liverpool F.C. or 51% of the organization. He was merely a minor shareholder in Everton, where his uncle, Sir John Moores, served as chairman.

Littlewoods was founded by John Moores, who also made the Moores family one of the richest in the UK. For £750 million, Littlewoods was sold in 2002. With David taking over at Anfield in September 1991, the Moores family enjoyed a controlling ownership position at Liverpool for more than 50 years. 

Thus, he was a wealthy chairman of Liverpool F.C... He may have earned quite an impressive wealth in his lifetime, but he has not revealed his private details. 

During his16-year reign, Liverpool won 10 significant trophies, including the Champions League in 2005. Fans and family will dearly miss him. 

Did David Moore Have Any Illness?- Cause Of Death Exposed

David Moore is rumored to have died of an illness. However, there is no reported news about his health condition on the internet. 

Although his old age can be the reason for people to think he may have been suffering from any kind of health condition, his family has not officially announced his cause of death. 

Nevertheless, tributes flood in on the internet for him. A former player and manager, Kenny Dalglish, also expressed his gratitude for his contribution to the growth and success of the club. 

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