Are Magomed Ankalaev And Khabib Related? Find Out If The Fighter's Are Brothers


Magomed Ankalaev, a professional UFC fighter. ( Source : Instagram )

Magomed Ankalaev and Khabib are both very talented mixed martial arts fighters but are not related to one another.

Because MMA and combat sambo are comparable, Ankalaev was drawn to the thought of switching to MMA. Ankalaev later won both the Russian and global amateur MMA championships.

The Russian MMA Federation also awarded Ankalaev the 2015 Russian Mixed Martial Artist. Magomed Ankalaev is a devoted Muslim as well. 

Ankalaev is presently rated 11th at light heavyweight and has a pro record of 14-1. Even though Khabib and Magomed are both from Dagestan, Ankalaev and Nurmagomedov are not related to one another. 

Magomed Ankalaev in one of his Instagram posts. ( Source : Instagram )

Both the fighters are very talented Dagestani fighters in their way. While both Magomed and Khabib often surround themselves with other Dagestani warriors and friends, it is easy to mistake them for being related to one another.

However, it is not the case for these two. Magomed is not related to Khabib in any way. However, it is a common misconception to mistake the two fighters for being connected.

Khabib participated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) lightweight division, where he held the championship from April 2018 to March 2021, making him the champion with the longest reign.

Khabib has retired now, and he does not fight anymore. He often appears in UFC to support his friends as a coach. 

Is Magomed Ankalaev Married?

Ankalaev is now single and not seeing anyone since he wants to focus only on his job as a fighter. No such information about Magomed Ankalaev's wife and family is accessible for public publication because he is entirely concentrated on developing into a great boxer.

Ankalaev also has not been seen with anyone out in the public who could be his potential romantic partner. He also has not posted any pictures with a significant other on his social media accounts.

So it is safe to say that the Dagestani UFC fighter is currently single and not seeing anyone. Ankalaev is more focused on training for his upcoming bouts.

What Is Magomed Ankalaev Net Worth?

Magomed currently stands at an estimated net worth of about $900k. The talented Dagestani fighter has accumulated his wealth through his UFC matches. He is entirely focused on his UFC career.

Ankalaev began his professional career with a Ukrainian MMA organization in 2014. The fighter received a break in the UFC in 2018 and remained unbeaten into his tenth match.

Ankalaev's first and only professional defeat came in his maiden UFC match against Paul Craig. Ankalaev was unstoppable after that defeat and outclassed everyone who stood in his way. He beat Cutebela twice, both times knocking him out.

With the same skills and his upcoming fights, his payouts will also improve, and his net worth will increase in the coming years. 

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