Actor Brandon Gilpin Joins The Cast Of Grown-ish For The New Season, Here Is What We Know About Him

Meet Brandon Gilpin The Actor Of Grown-ish ( Source : Theqgentleman )

Brando Gilpin, age 23, is an American actor who recently joined the cast of Grown-ish for the new season as Renard.

Grown-ish is an American teen sitcom series and a spinoff of the ABC series Black-ish which follows the Johnsons'eldest daughter Zoet as she goes to college and begins her new journey to adulthood, only to realize that nothing goes her way once she leaves the nest.

How Old Is Actor Brandon Gilpin From Grown-ish?

American actor Brandon Gilpin was born on October 21, 1999, and is 23 years old in 2022. He was raised in Amityville, New York, to Jamaican parents.

His father is Donovan Gilpin, and his mother is Allison Jonas; both his parents provided him the opportunity to perform in various stage production from an early age.

Brandon Gilpin With His Mother Donovan Gilpin During Graduation
Brandon Gilpin With His Mother Donovan Gilpin During Graduation ( Source : Pimiso )

Encouraged by his guardians to pursue his hobby as an actor, Gilpin's first feature film appearance was in the 2019 romantic comedy film Greyson Family Christmas. In the movie, he played Joy Greyson.

Gilpin is a 22-year-old actor, dancer, musical artist, comedian, entertainer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur born on October 21, 1999. The actor who portrayed the role of DJ Neva Scared in the American tv series P-Valley, was taken to his parents, Allison Jonas and Donovan Gilpin.

From his early childhood, Gilpin, a young, talented, and hardworking by nature, made remarkable achievements at the age of 22. His parents always supported his decisions and encouraged him to pursue his career in the glamour industry.

The Actor Of P-Valley randon Gilpin Taking Selfie WIth Brandee Evans
The Actor Of P-Valley randon Gilpin Taking Selfie WIth Brandee Evans ( Source : 247Newsaroundtheworld )

His mother, Alison, is from Jamaica and moved to the United States; however, information about his father is yet to come into the limelight. Alison and her husband struggled to provide their children with a better lifestyle.

Gilpin's mother is an alma mater of Amityville High school. She later attended Hunter College for graduation and graduated in 1999, the same year her son was born. In the cast of Grown-ish, Gilpin also participated at the same high school as her mother to complete his high school education.

Brandon Gilpin's Earnings And Net Worth 

Popularly Brandon is known by his stage name ShowTimeBrando. He started to build this name from an early age. He originally started his career as a dancer and later found a love for all aspects of being an Entertainer.

He performed funny skits in his room to begin on stage as a lead role. He later moved to Atlanta as a theatre and film major at the prestigious Morehouse College, where famous actors like Samuel L Jackson studied.

While attending classes at Morehouse College, he saw that the BET show The Quad was being filmed, where he studied and got himself a job as a production assistant with the series creator Felicia D. As of now, he has appeared in different genres of movies and TV shows including popular P-Valley and recently completed his time on camera for the role as Renard in Grown-ish.

As of 2022, his exact net worth and earnings are yet to be made public, but we can speculate that he has made quite a fortune as an entertainment person. The audience loves his portrayal on set, so we can assume that he has earned a fair sum of his earnings from his career.

Brandon Gilpin's Girlfriend And His Dating Life

Brandon enjoys keeping his profile low and has managed to keep his matter to himself. As of now, his relationship status is yet to be revealed. However, it's hard for fans to believe that he is single. 

Until now, information about his dating life is yet to be known as he keeps a low profile on his social media and prefers to keep his relationship to himself. However, as his mother's Instagram mentioned, he has four siblings.

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