A Mexican network is smuggling abortion drugs to American women

One day late last month, as new abortion restrictions began taking shape in US states, three Mexican women quietly crossed into the country at different points along the border, dozens of abortion-inducing pills hidden in their belongings.

The medication, an FDA-approved two-drug combination, had traveled across the interior of Mexico in the previous days, handled by an underground network of some 30 organizations in the country.
Since the US Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade, the network has moved an average of 100 doses across the border each day, organizers say.
    "The medications are arriving in a thousand ways, in creative ways, into the hands of women," said Verónica Cruz Sánchez, a prominent Mexican abortion activist whose group, Las Libres, helps run the network.
      Abortions in Texas, including the distribution of medication abortion -- the most commonly used abortion method in the country -- have been effectively banned following the June high court ruling.

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